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Meet Our Committee


Jeremy and Mel McWilliams

Jeremy and Mel currently live in downtown Dayton with their two cats, Luna and Gerald. When they are not catering to every whim of the Luna and Gerald, they enjoy hiking and taking in all the great thing happening in Dayton. They also enjoy being outside.  

Beth & Don Groff

The Groffs both grew up in Troy, Ohio, and now reside in Oakwood. Meet their pet dog, Max, a thirteen-year-old Shih Tzu. Don and Beth have been pet owners most of their lives, and brought Max into their family as an Easter present for their daughter. Max really thinks he is a big dog, and he loves to take car rides and to play fetch.

Stephanie Hayden

Stephanie has been living in Kettering for almost 20 years by way of Columbus. Her family found their Golden Retriever, Wyatt, after they lost their beloved brindle Boxer named Mocha. Stephanie’s husband asked their vet for a good family dog, and he referred them to a Kettering breeder of Goldens. Her family has a lot of fun making up new names for their still wild, 3-year-old Wyatt. They call him ‘Housekeeping’, when he steals socks, ‘Wise-en-Burg’ when he is too wild, and, ‘Wyatt is a riot’ when he is cute. Stephanie’s family has a lot of fun with their wild one, who looks more like an Irish Setter with his red hair than a Golden Retriever. Wyatt is great at looking for birds, fetching, and barking at EVERY SINGLE person and dog that walks by their house!

Deb resides in the Belmont neighborhood of Dayton, where she has lived most of her life. She currently has a hairy gray cat named Pita who is 6-years-old. Deb was at the car wash vacuuming her car when she heard a faint meowing in the trash can. When she looked inside, she found a cute little gray furball, and the rest is history. Deb is doing her best to give Pita a spoiled life. Pita loves chasing the lights on the walls as cars pass by, running across the bed at night, pouncing on her catnip mousey, and wrestling with her best friend, Tutu the dog.

Deb Bauer

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JJohn & Sarah Stoddard

John and Sarah currently live in Dayton with their daughter Morgan. They have one dog, Hank, a Long-Haired English Cream Miniature Dachshund with a liver nose. Several months after their daughter’s dog, Olive, passed away, The Stoddard family drove to Pittsburgh to bring Hank home. When he was a puppy, many people thought Hank was a golden retriever puppy because of his long blonde hair. When he stood up, people would then proclaim, “Oh! He’s a wiener dog!” Hank has many nicknames, which include: Hankford (when he’s in trouble), Hankadelic (when he is being cool), Hankenstein (when he is sleeping upside-down, a very scary look for him), Hankadoodle (when he is so cute), Hanky Panky (of course), and Hank the Wiener Dog (well, because he is). Some of Hank’s favorite activities are fetching and tearing up advertised “indestructible” chew toys, and having his chest and belly rubbed. He also loves to hide out in his enclosed cat bed, but please don’t tell him it’s a cat bed.

John Remick

Dr. John E, Remick, was German, Latin, and Math teacher at Miamisburg schools, Miami Vally School, Dayton Public Schools and Sinclair College. As a youth, he has a horse and a dog and his mother had a beloved house cat. He does not have any pets at this time but his passion for the poor and willingness to work for the cause of child hunger has made him involved with the work of MercyPets. 

Dottie Napora

Dottie has lived in Dayton area most of her life. She graduated from the University of Dayton, received a Masters Degree in elementary education and taught first graders for 38 years. She does not have any pets, but is committed to feeding hungry kids. She is a MercyPets supporter and hopes that that you will become one too! 

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