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          Start today, tracking your pet/pets expense with the easy-to-use MercyPets Expense Log.

          Decide on the percentage of your total pet expenses you would like to donate for children's hunger.

          Donate the designated amount to MercyPets Find more information on how to donate on the Donate page.  

          At the time of your donation you may choose to enroll your pet as a MercyPet. 

          If you are not a pet-owner or are not in a position to donate, we welcome your prayers for MercyPets, the children we serve,             and our generous pet-owners along with their pets. 

How Can You and Your Pet Help?

You may designate your donation for immediate disbursal or to be added to the MercyPets Endowment Fund. With the first option, your donation will be used at the first available opportunity to provide nutrition to children in need. If you choose the latter option, your donation will be added to the MercyPets Endowment fund. Your donation will continue to grow and help successive generations for years to come. 

Not a current pet owner? You may choose to make a donation in memory of your beloved pet(s).

Are you a pet lover but not a pet owner? All donations are sincerely appreciated!

Stock donations are also accepted. Please contact and they will gladly assist you with this process. 

We'd love to hear from you!  After donating, you'll receive an email with information regarding sharing your story.

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You will be redirected to The Dayton Foundation website to make the Donation.

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